GCP will register and run a charity based in China to bring awareness to air pollution and the health effects, while promoting the use of bikes and getting people more active, educating the benefits of health and well-being.

Air pollution often has long-term health impacts that build-up slowly over time. It may also cause non-specific problems, such as weakened immunity. As such, it is often easy to overlook the health impacts of air pollution. That’s why public education and outreach on the issue of air pollution is highly important.

Air pollution has been linked to increased incidences of cancer, heart disease, stroke and respiratory illnesses. On a less severe level, it is associated with asthma in children, and thus impaired quality of life for many kids.

Air Pollution

With a booming economy and ever-increasing demand for energy, China built new coal-fired power plants at an astonishing rate. Today, coal provides around 60% of China’s electricity and the lion’s share of its air pollutants, from soot to sulphur dioxide.

While cars and trucks also contribute to air pollution in cities, it will be impossible to improve air quality in China without moving away from coal. While coal is an issue GCP will raise the  awareness of motor vehicles and working with the state councils to deliver a charity to get more people on bikes, riding and walking instead of the use of cars, to drive and promote fitness and well-being.

We will run in accordance with the Chinese government to back the charity and work hand in hand with the Chinese cycling association. The Chinese government has announced plans to take up to 6 million vehicles that don’t meet emission standards off the roads by the end of the year, in a bid to reduce the country’s air pollution problems.

The move is part of a plan published by China’s cabinet, the State Council, which outlined emission targets for a number of industries over the next two years. The State Council said that some pollution targets are not being met for the 2011-2013 period and that action needs to be stepped up.

China is facing a “tough situation” in hitting its targets for energy and emissions for 2015, Xu Shoshi, Chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission was quoted by state media.

One fifth of the vehicles to be scrapped will be in the northern regions of China, which have been the worst hit with air pollution. Hebei province, where seven of China’s smoggiest cities are located, has been ordered to scrap 660,000 cars that don’t meet emission standards. Up to 333,000 will be taken off the roads in the capital Beijing and 160,000 in Shanghai.

The Charity will educate and promote the use of bikes across China, and the promoting will fall hand in hand with what we will be achieving in promoting cycle racing, fitness and well – being within the team. The charity will run side by side with the team and be promoted through, schools, colleges, universities, events, corporate events, marketing and media, across China.

GCP look for the Charity to deliver mass participation cycle events in China and bring the teams to China to take part and promote the Charity and events, this building fan base, team awareness and sponsor commercial benefits. GCP will work with our associated team sponsor brands to bring bikes and equipment to build a platform  for children and adults to start cycling and racing, while supporting existing teams and cycle clubs in chinese provinces, while educating, supporting and providing a path to cycle racing and professional sports.

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