The GCP vision in China is to develop cycling and achieve getting more people on bikes throughout the country, bringing mass participation events throughout the nation and bring competitive and professional cycling to the forefront of Chinese sports

The Development

GCP working in conjunction with the Chinese Cycling Association will provide support to the current infrastructure in Chinese cycling, building on the successes of the federations track development program and building a successful endurance program for road cyclists.

The program will work with the already exiting road cycling teams within the provinces, suppling support and guidance and leading successful athletes to the Chinese endurance program.

We will look to support provinces without cycling teams and link our charity based funding to support teams, equipment and local races.

We look to offer the best athletes a place on our development program in Girona (Spain) where the athletes will be housed and paid to race as full-time athletes on a European based race program.

The development program will offer full support and guidance to the athletes from the best coaches and support staff in the world, with the on hand guidance from the best cyclist in cycling. GCP want to create the best possible and clear path to the World Tour team and to ride with the best cyclists and races in the world.

The program will deliver a mix of Chinese riders for different races and abilities that will become some of the best athletes in the world and bring our main vision of a Chinese Tour De France winner and Chinese athletes having the opportunity to race in the professional peloton.

Chinese Base

GCP will have a base in China close to the sponsor housing the support network to the team, this team including, team personnel, charity, endurance program support personnel, marketing, administration. The team personnel will be mixed across Europe and China and give opportunities to personnel looking to work internationally but also bring new skills and techniques to Europe and China.

Marketing Team / Exposure

While delivering an endurance program and charity, GCP’s main aim is to build the exposure of cycling, for China to have a top tier cycling team to support, follow and become a fan. To become a fan the team needs exposure and exposure comes from winning races, the more the team wins the more people become interested and then understand and learn.

GCP will bring a top tier winning team from the start, with the support of the initial team involved, the UCI and the Chinese Cycling Association. We aim to build a fan base initially through phone apps, mass participation rides, charity exposure, team events/ launch, press and social media, while bringing our brand sponsors, team merchandising and support sponsors to help develop and build fans to the team and building and growing the sport of cycling in China.

GCP’s longer term goal and strategy will grow and develop as we have Chinese World Tour riders winning major races, and the team and sponsor produce a Chinese Tour De France winner and the winner of the largest sporting event in the World, coupled with the charity we will bring a huge fan base as the only Chinese World tour Cycling team, get more people on bikes backing the Chinese government’s 30 year cycling program and bring cycling to the forefront in Chinese sports and cycling globally.

Media / TV

GCP look to build on the current media and TV exposure of cycling in China, and bringing more races and TV coverage to Chinese television.

The team will be in all major races including the Tour De France from year 1 (July 2020), and the team will work with Chinese TV to increase coverage across all the UCI World Tour races  to follow the first Chinese World Tour team and build team exposure, fans and sponsors com- mercial benefits.

We aim that China can produce a cycling channel as the fans demand grows for the team to watch and support their cycling team and cycling hero’s win the biggest cycle races in the world.

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