Our development team will consist of Chinese riders we are developing for the future of cycling, they will be under the best coaches in professional cycling with an aim for them to achieve a position in our World Tour team.

The development team will be the stepping stone for Chinese riders to learn and develop in European road racing, to develop their skills as riders and

professionals and learn from the best, our support and depth of knowledge from supporting staff will take athletes to the next level and an end goal.

With help and support from the Chinese Cycling Association we have Shane Sutton already Chinese track coach to help build a team in China to develop existing athletes and a team to search for new athletes to join our development program.

We aim to deliver a program for exciting riders and also new talent. Our talent scouts will deliver track days, schools trips and open days to find the best young riders in China.

Our aims:

  • Find the right physiology of athletes in current sports
  • New talent through a program of
  • Educating the youth of china and promoting health and fitness
  • Delivering a path for athletes to the European road racing and our development team
  • The promotion of cycle racing in Chinese provinces, new teams and cycle clubs
  • Being at the forefront of cycling development in

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